Activist Defense

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Preventative Maintenance

Conducting regular, formal shareholder outreach and measuring your progress and impact is best practice. Our industry-leading Voice of Investor® perception studies uncover the ground truth perceptions of your company and identify potential activist vulnerabilities. Leveraging our proven methodology, inclusive of extensive benchmarking capabilities, we quantify sentiment and the factors impacting valuation, both positively and negatively. Our comprehensive deliverable informs boards and executives while our research-based insights enable confidence in decision-making.

Independent Counsel

Drawing on our unique and expansive knowledge of the institutional investor landscape coupled with our expertise in investor engagement and communication, we serve as an independent investor relations advisor to CEOs and their teams dealing with activism.

Recently, we were the target of a leading activist after announcing a transformational acquisition. Having worked with us for many years, Rebecca played an instrumental role on our activist defense team, providing an objective, insights-based perspective, which was accurate and helped shape our position. What I value a lot about Rebecca is her direct approach. She is not afraid to voice a view that is different than what management or other advisors think. She is an expert in her field and always has her clients’ best interest in mind. I’m happy to say we were able to navigate the activist waters successfully and Rebecca was a big part of that. She knew us and what we needed to do to get to the other side and we did. Rebecca’s expert knowledge of investor relations, investor views and expectations, as well as her strategic mindset around communicating with the Street truly set her apart.

She knew us and what we needed to do to get to the other side and we did. CFO | Industrial

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