Through a strategic and process-oriented approach, we add value throughout the earnings cycle.

Earnings is one of the most critical communication platforms a company has to maximize value and mitigate risk. Four times a year, management can demonstrate execution against the communicated plan, reinforce strategy, address knowledge gaps and appropriately set expectations. In the event operating performance falls short of expectations, thoughtful, strategic communication can play a critical role in mitigating concern and rebuilding credibility.


As former buy-side investors, sell-side analysts, IROs and communications experts, we work collaboratively with C-suite and IR executives, advising on earnings strategy – every quarter is the championship game – and developing best-in-class materials that serve to educate, engage and positively differentiate our clients, even when communicating mixed or weak underlying results. Employing an outside-in perspective, we put a critical, experienced eye to evaluating earnings-related materials, identifying themes to highlight, pitfalls, unnecessary complexity, confusing content and potential questions.


Our end-to-end earnings solution encompasses macro insights, real-time trends and competitive intelligence, content development, guidance strategy, management Q&A preparation, and around-the-clock support. Leveraging our deep capital markets expertise, best practice knowledge and process excellence, we fix expectations management issues, build management credibility, and generate increased support from investors and analysts.

We have worked with Corbin Advisors over several years. Rebecca and her team offer a unique blend of specialized experiences, data-driven strategic thinking and tactical execution. They are experts when it comes to the institutional investor landscape and are highly attuned to changes in sentiment and expectations. This real-time knowledge has allowed us to more effectively communicate with investors over time, and especially in our earnings releases and calls. Every quarter, they provide company-specific and broader market insights that help us sharpen our messages. They work with a sense of urgency and provide constructive feedback.

They are experts when it comes to the institutional investor landscape. CEO | Basic Materials

As we prepare for earnings, Rebecca and her team offer an external perspective that both challenges and validates our assumptions. They help us throughout the earnings process with advice and feedback as we develop our prepared remarks, and they provide insight on potential stakeholder reactions and Q&A. We leverage their Quarterly Sentiment Reports for valuable insights on the market and the issues that are most important to investors. Rebecca and her team deliver a unique and important perspective that has been instrumental in helping us refine our strategy and communicate more effectively with our stakeholders.

Rebecca and her team deliver a unique and important perspective that has been instrumental. CFO | Industrial

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