Executive Development

We offer several options to help C-Suite executives and other organizational leaders develop what they need to appeal to investors.

IR Immersion Workshop

According to our proprietary research, surveyed investors report approximately 40% of a company’s valuation is influenced by investor relations, beginning with the C-suite.

Our comprehensive, highly interactive IR Immersion Workshop is administered to executives with limited to no Street-facing experience. It is based on years of experience and leverages two main bases. First is our proprietary research, encompassing 16,000+ interviews and surveys with investors and analysts across capital markets and public company topics. We also rely on our own proven methodology to unlock value, pioneered by our founder, Rebecca Corbin.

Focus areas of this customized one-day workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • IR Landscape
  • Capital Markets Landscape
  • Critical Factors Impacting Valuation
  • Competitive Differentiators
  • Investor Communication Best Practices
  • Regulation Fair Disclosure

Sell Side Conference & Non-deal Roadshow Bootcamp

Equity is one of the most complex, technical sales, and every opportunity in front of an investor is a chance to influence their buying decision. We help executives sharpen investor presentation skills and further develop strong Q&A capabilities to be able to maximize the time spent meeting with and pitching to investors.


In this experiential learning session, we will facilitate a mock conference and non-deal roadshow scenario. Your presentation and Q&A performance are recorded, allowing us to provide helpful, constructive and actionable feedback, including:

  • Content and Messaging
  • Ease, Poise and Delivery
  • Question Responses and Positioning
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Investor communication best practices
  • Regulation Fair Disclosure


Through a strategic and process-oriented approach, we add value throughout the earnings cycle.


As former buy-side investors, sell-side analysts, IROs and communications experts, we work collaboratively with C-suite and IR executives, advising on earnings strategy – every quarter is the championship game – and developing best-in-class materials that serve to educate, engage and positively differentiate our clients, even when communicating mixed or weak underlying results. Employing an outside-in perspective, we put a critical, experienced eye to evaluating earnings-related materials, identifying themes to highlight, pitfalls, unnecessary complexity, confusing content and potential questions.


Our end-to-end earnings solution encompasses macro insights, real-time trends and competitive intelligence, content development, guidance strategy, management Q&A preparation, and around-the-clock support. Leveraging our deep capital markets expertise, best practice knowledge and process excellence, we fix expectations management issues, build management credibility, and generate increased support from investors and analysts.

They support us with building a clear, concise message that can be delivered effectively to the market. As a new management team, we also found tremendous value in the Corbin Best-In-Class Investor Relations Immersion Workshop. The Corbin team did an excellent job of covering the foundational aspects of investor relations and providing current, relevant market data.

I’ve worked with the Corbin team for many years and continue to find value in them as a partner. CEO | Industrial

Having successfully worked with Rebecca and the Corbin team in several capacities over the past few years, I welcomed the opportunity to engage with them on their IR Immersion program, to help onboard our new CFO. Given his limited capital markets and Investor Relations experiences, we opted to complete the course together, which enriched his learning experience, and facilitated interaction and open dialogue about our company’s specific challenges and opportunities. I found the program to provide valuable insights and actionable areas of focus to elevate our IR strategies and unlock value.

I would definitely recommend Corbin Advisors and this program for any executive team. IRO | Industrial

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