Investment Thesis and
Investor Presentation Development

We positively rerate companies and drive value through effective investor communication and engagement.

Investors have a lot of choice and limited bandwidth.


We architect comprehensive and compelling communications and marketing strategies that deeply engage high-quality, long-term investors.


We take the time to understand your company and develop a compelling equity story reflective of the value and opportunities we identify during our discovery process. Leveraging our research-based insights on the factors that influence valuation, investor communication expertise, and deep technical skills, our signature investor presentations serve to educate, engage and positively influence investors and analysts.

The high-quality messaging Corbin provided was unique, powerful and compelling. I could tell I was dealing with the best – somebody that had been there, done it, a mover and shaker in the PR/IR world – in my interactions with Rebecca.

They helped bring to life what we were trying to do. CEO | Industrial

During my 10-year IR career, I've had the pleasure of working with Corbin on several different projects. During our most recent engagement, Corbin assisted us by conducting a perception study, providing us with many actionable recommendations which greatly enhanced our investor communication. They also revamped our investor presentation, allowing us to attract a new set of investors intrigued by our growth opportunities. Rebecca was able to quickly gain the trust of our executive team and board of directors, further enhancing their support for the investor communications strategy. I found the counsel provided by Corbin to be extremely valuable in establishing a strategic direction for our investor communication efforts and obtaining management buy-in for the plans needed to meet our objectives.

I've always found Rebecca and her team to be knowledgeable, accessible, and professional. IRO | Technology (Semiconductor)

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