Investor Days

We are the industry leader when it comes to investor day impact.

Investor days are best practice. According to our proprietary research, 94% of investors view these events as value-added and a valuable use of time. We have seen first-hand the meaningful impact a compelling investor day has on investor and analyst sentiment and valuation and have developed a proven approach to engaging investors, building management credibility, and positively rerating companies. Our expertise, strategic direction, and tactical execution consistently deliver impact for this key constituency.

Our proven approach comprises:

  • Pre-event Perception Study
  • Event Planning and Project Management
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Investment Thesis and Investor Presentation Development
  • Presenter Preparation and Coaching
  • Post-event Survey

I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Corbin and her team on our first Investor Day. It was a very important time in the evolution of our strategies across our companies. We worked closely with Rebecca and the team at Corbin to provide a detailed and compelling case for the long-term investment in our company. Corbin was direct in their feedback and helped our leaders share our strategies in a compelling and detailed manner. The outcome was a confident leadership team telling their story, a more informed and engaged analyst and investor community, and a clear understanding of our value proposition and core differentiated strategies, as well as detailed initiatives to justify the upside in our companies.

The actionable insights were invaluable for a team that had not been through an Investor Day. CEO | Financial Services

I’ve greatly appreciated our partnership with Rebecca and the entire Corbin team over the past two years, including a recent investor day. It’s clear that both our company and Corbin have high performance expectations and a high degree of accountability and ownership for delivering strong results, which makes for a great collaboration.

It’s clear Corbin have a high degree of accountability. Treasurer and IRO | Technology

They work tirelessly in ensuring our entire team is prepared and successful in delivering our strategy message to the investment community. Their reputation precedes them and is reflective in the excellent attendance at the event making it very worthwhile of all the effort. We highly recommend working with the Corbin team as each advisor has been knowledgeable and professional and take the time to really understand our business strategy so that we can communicate it effectively.

Corbin Advisors are the experts in preparing and executing an Investor Day. CEO | Industrial

In 2016, we did our first Investor Day strategy rollout in the history of our 70-plus years as a company. We hired Corbin and Rebecca did amazing things for us. Three years later, in February 2019, we did our second strategy update and re-engaged her, and it was excellent.

We hired Corbin and Rebecca did amazing things for us. CEO | Industrial

As an independent director of a company that went public on the NYSE two years ago, I knew Corbin could be a valuable resource to the management team in helping them think through their investment positioning, strategic direction and capital allocation plans. Initially Corbin was engaged to conduct a perception study that was thorough, relevant and thought provoking. We truly appreciated Corbin’s insights and it helped crystalize our views and lead to a multi-step capital allocation plan. In addition, management has engaged Corbin to host its first annual investor day which will coincide with the release of preliminary earnings forecasts and an overhauled investor presentation.

Corbin enabled that team, from the CEO to the head of IR, to have more confidence in the message they are delivering. Independent Director | Building Products

It was significantly better than what it would've been. They had some areas where they were pretty insistent, which we pushed back on, some more than others. One was this idea of what I would consider pretty dense slides. Over our careers, a lot of us have tried to go to more white space on slides. In retrospect, they were right. For this audience, that was important. Not just content but also the presentation of materials was definitely better because we engaged them.

What we ended up doing for the analyst day was very different as a result of having worked with Corbin. CEO | Technology

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