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We are passionate about investor relations and are trailblazers at the forefront of our industry.

According to proprietary research, 89% of investors report investor relations is a factor in valuation, noting that ~40% of a stock’s worth is directly influenced – positively or negatively – by a company’s efforts.


Our dedicated team comprises senior-level consultants with extensive equity markets, public company, corporate communications and IR experience. As a result, we bring industry-leading research and deep best practice knowledge to architect and support world-class investor relations programs.


Our proven approach – comprising strategic advisory and tactical execution – has resulted in sustained value creation for our clients.

They are an expert in the industry and have a true desire to elevate their clients’ interaction with the investor community. They have a real vision to be at the forefront and they are.

They are an expert in the industry. CEO | Consumer

They have a point of view and will jump in and help us do anything. They’re a partner. They give us advice on issues across the spectrum. I can call Corbin on any issue and they will take it seriously and respond quickly and are very thoughtful about it.

They’re on our team. CEO | Industrial

They're incredibly knowledgeable in their understanding of the investor relations space. They are able to give us insights that we wouldn't normally have in running our business.. I find them very helpful to have in trying to solve a problem.

They're very action-oriented. CEO | Consumer

They have expertise around investor relations and particularly here, with Rebecca, she has deep knowledge of both the buy side and sell side.

They offer a very unique perspective. CEO | Industrial

Starting with the development of key messages and planning for Investor Day, through the execution of our strategy, including significant events such as acquisitions and divestitures, all the way through preparing us for earnings calls and non-deal roadshows, Corbin is with us every step of the way. Their team is highly capable and very responsive to our needs. They provide timely research and advice, as well as important guidance when it comes to dealing with specific investor types, including activists. I am forever grateful to Rebecca and her team for their partnership.

Corbin is a true partner. CEO | Industrial

We have had the pleasure of working with Corbin for several years, and their support has been invaluable. Whether it be our IPO, a transformational acquisition, our first Investor Day or the quarterly earnings cycle, the Corbin team has been our partner in every case, with a distinct focus on strengthening our communication and transparency to the investment community. The real difference is that they take the time to understand the Company, our strategy and the expectations and sentiment of our investor base. As a result, they provide highly constructive feedback that is insightful and actionable. For anyone that is looking to enhance the quality of their investor relations program, I would highly recommend the Corbin Advisors team.

I would highly recommend the Corbin Advisors team. CFO | Industrial

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