Strategic Communications Gap Analysis

Applying an outside-in approach, our team of specialists evaluates critical communication materials

and channels to ensure best-in-class stakeholder communication and engagement.

Utilizing a proprietary ratings methodology, we conduct a comprehensive analysis across critical factors, including but not limited to content, design, positioning, and alignment. We provide specific strategic and tactical recommendations based on best practice to maximize impact.


Our research can be conducted on either an absolute or relative basis. We can factor in multiple investor communication materials depending on your needs and objectives. The end results are comprehensive and insightful analyses and recommendations, providing powerful benchmarking that is immediately actionable.

Selected focus areas include:

  • Investor Relations Website
  • Earning Materials
  • Investor Presentation
  • CSR / ESG report
  • Proxy

We chose to partner with Corbin because they demonstrated an understanding of our needs and tailored their approach to specifically address those needs. The entire experience was professionally executed.

Their recommendations were insightful and actionable. CEO | Financial Services

Equally important was the expertise and practical advice that allowed us to prioritize the areas with the biggest impact, while creating a longer-term roadmap that we have since been executing. Positive feedback from investors, many that we didn't even survey, helps reinforce the value of Corbin's comprehensive, data-driven approach.

Corbin identified areas where we could make targeted improvements in our outreach and communication. CEO | Industrial

We engaged Corbin to help with developing an enhanced investor relations and communications strategy. The work that they performed was very thorough and provided us with valuable insights into our business and stakeholders. However, what we valued most was the very specific and actionable recommendations they provided. We quickly implemented some, which produced positive results almost immediately. I also appreciated how Rebecca and her entire team took a vested interest in our success and continued to provide valuable insights and assistance to us, even after the engagement was complete. I anticipate a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Corbin going forward. Highly recommended.

Corbin acted more like an extension of our company. CFO | Consumer

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