We’re a team of experienced industry professionals who are passionate about being part of a growing organization and providing unparalleled insights and service to our clients.

Culture and values

Our people and community inspire us

Corbin is rooted in eight core values. These values are what drive us to action and what motivate us to be outstanding partners to our clients.

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Integrity is paramount, and we uphold the highest standard of conduct. We are honest, forthright and candid, providing objective counsel to our clients in support of stakeholder value creation. We are not afraid to challenge our clients’ way of thinking when we know it to be in their best interest.

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We put clients first and seek to fulfill our purpose – to add value in everything we do – every day. We take enormous pride in the positive outcomes we help our clients achieve.

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We stand with, by and behind our clients and teammates. We are caring people with diverse backgrounds, capabilities and experiences. We work hard and collaborate with each other to achieve great heights while also having fun.
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We embrace change and adapt with speed and precision in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment. Through a research-based approach, we remain at the forefront of best practice and leverage those insights to guide our innovation.

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As thought leaders and industry trailblazers, we challenge the status quo through experience and insights-based ingenuity. We consistently execute highly complex, time-sensitive and high-stakes engagements. We seek new challenges where we have the experience and capabilities to be successful for our clients.


We have a high and ever-rising bar and a deep sense of self-awareness, reflecting on our performance and learning from it. We are accountable and continuous improvement minded. We endeavor to reach the top of the mountain every day, and we are always moving forward.

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Community Impact
Our commitment to our communities runs deep and we give back through a multitude of ways, including donating our services, returning a portion of our profit to nonprofits annually, volunteering and creating internship and scholarship opportunities for diverse students.
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We appreciate our clients, each other and our communities. We take the opportunity, daily, to recognize the big and small, give back to our communities to express gratitude for the privileges we enjoy as a company and celebrate the role each other play in our clients success.


Join our team

If you’re seeking to join a close-knit, high-performing, employee-built culture, contribute at a high level and work in a dynamic, high-energy environment where there is a sense of ownership, achievement and accountability, we’re interested in speaking with you. We’re a team of experienced industry professionals who are passionate about being part of a growing organization and providing unparalleled insights and service to our clients – public companies and nonprofits, specifically boards, C-suite executives, and investor relations professionals.
The Insights Group comprises our Perception Study and Research-as-a-Service practices, responsible for tailored client and broad-based market research, insights and best practice.

The Advisory Group comprises our Investor Relations, Investor Day and Special Situation practices, responsible for advising clients on a wide variety of capital markets matters.

The Community Impact Group comprises our ESG and Nonprofit practices, responsible for assisting public and nonprofit organizations with serving as a force for good, fulfilling their missions and accelerating impact in the community.

Why work here

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Rebecca Corbin

Rebecca Corbin
Founder and CEO

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