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We help organizations realize their value and fulfill their purpose.

As a strategic advisor invested in our community’s success, we are proud to allocate 20% of our nonprofit revenue to nonprofits annually.

Corbin for Nonprofits

Since our founding, we have tackled some of the business world’s most complex and critical challenges. We are proud to bring this real world experience to our partnerships with the boards and executive leadership of nonprofit organizations.

Our specialization encompasses strategy, organizational effectiveness, finance, marketing, governance, and fundraising, with a focus on:

  • Primary, Secondary and Higher Education

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Economic Development

  • Public Sector and Government

A proven methodology that results in value realization

Combining proprietary research with best practice and specialized expertise, we collaborate with organizations to architect and implement effective strategies that accelerate growth and impact. Our candid advice and actionable, insights-based recommendations on both high-level strategy and tactical execution, help nonprofits consistently increase engagement, fundraising, overall effectiveness, and community impact.


Our proven Value Realization Model enables us to look beyond today’s challenges and see tomorrow’s possibilities.





We start with comprehensive fact-finding and research across multiple dimensions to understand current positioning. Our straightforward process results in a clear view of strengths, competitive advantages, and opportunities to create value. Our clients appreciate our candor, active engagement, thought-provoking findings, and insights-based recommendation.

Leveraging our foundational research, we architect tailored strategies with defined initiatives. Our blueprints, grounded in best practice, domain expertise, and effective delivery, are an integral step in our value realization process.

We execute flawlessly and efficiently on our insights-driven plans, creating immediate and sustained value for our clients.

Seeking to outpace the rapidly changing world, we ensure our clients remain at the forefront of best practice. We are visionary, tactfully bold and our clients place deep trust in our ability to accelerate and compound value realization.

An experienced, client-centric team

With nearly 200 years of combined philanthropic, industry, and consulting experience, our senior team serves on nonprofit boards and has provided research-based strategic counsel to hundreds of organizations of varying sizes and focus. Our extensive work with boards and executive leaders of public companies globally gives us a unique advantage in understanding corporate mindsets and their approach toward community engagement and philanthropy. We apply our expertise in partnership with our clients, helping them fulfill their purpose and positively impact communities.

Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources and Talent Management

Rebeccca Corbin

Founder & CEO

Robert McConnaughey

Senior Vice President

Leahruth Jemilo

Vice President, Head of ESG Practice

Madison Pezze, Corbin Advisors, Operating Lead

Madison Pezze



Insights and action that spark truly transformational change

Our suite of specialized services provides the essential research, blueprints, action plans, and executional support needed to realize strategic, operational, and financial goals.

Leveraging our firsthand knowledge of nonprofits’ unique missions and challenges, our team has unique capabilities across strategy, operations, finance, governance, marketing, and fundraising. This allows us to address critical needs and increase organizational effectiveness, market positioning, stakeholder engagement, and annual fund and campaign outcomes.

Research and best practice should support strategic decisions. We enable a profound understanding of key stakeholder perceptions, identify areas of meaningful opportunity as well as help increase conviction and buy-in on the way forward. Our comprehensive stakeholder research is customized to meet the needs of our clients. Employing both quantitative and qualitative analyses and extensive benchmarking capabilities, we deliver a crystallized view of organizations across key focus areas as well as actionable recommendations to unlock value.

Insights are the foundation of every analysis and fundamental to the advice we provide. Along with understanding what makes your organization unique, you will benefit from our knowledge and expertise derived from over a decade of comprehensive research. Our proprietary database, Corbin Analytics, enables powerful benchmarking and provides deep insights relative to positioning and performance.

Applying an outside-in approach, our team of specialists evaluate critical communication materials and channels to ensure best-in-class stakeholder communication and engagement. From websites to newsletters to board reports and more, we conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide you with specific recommendations on content, design, and best practice to maximize impact.

Good governance is critical to the sustainability and effectiveness of an organization’s long-term success. Our proprietary governance assessment approach identifies strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. From board assessments and CEO evaluations to compliance and policies, we conduct a thorough review of your governance and deliver our findings, strategic recommendations, and an action plan to mitigate risk.
You want to accelerate execution, increase flexibility, and make a more significant impact. Through data analysis, surveys, and deep discovery, we benchmark your organization to help identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your effectiveness. We then work together to identify critical infrastructure and cultural needs and prioritize your resources, all with the goal of maximizing budget and optimizing team output.

Our proprietary research identifies “strategy” as the second-most important investment driver. Though strategy is critical to success, its development is typically an under-resourced effort. We collaborate with you to build a tailored, reality-based and actionable plan, inclusive of milestone goals and appropriate financial targets. Our multidimensional process comprises market analysis, stakeholder research, and thought-provoking “art of the possible” sessions, which we leverage to help you develop new strengths and competencies that will fuel growth. We also provide execution support to ensure you achieve your strategic milestones and financial targets.

Brand matters. We combine creativity, strategic thinking, complex project management expertise, and end-to-end execution — from concept to launch — to help you develop an inspirational brand and strategy that puts you front-and-center with your stakeholders and enables sustained growth. From brand overhauls to refreshed websites and purposes, we collaborate to build an enduring and differentiated brand that ignites inspiration, connectivity, and action in pursuit of positive outcomes worth celebrating.

A compelling story delivers results when shared effectively. Just as important as the what, is how you tell your story and to whom. We invest the time to understand your organization by asking thoughtful, well-informed questions and listening to key internal and external stakeholders.The goal is to help you architect a differentiated and memorable story. Employing market data analysis, design, stakeholder targeting, and implementation, we develop and activate immediately impactful marketing strategies.

Sound finances are essential to the long-term health of an organization. They are also critical to stakeholder perception and a key factor in a donor’s willingness to invest in your mission. With deep knowledge of accounting, budgeting, and financial strategy, we assess your financial circumstances, identify risks and opportunities for improvement, enhance reporting processes, and provide ongoing support to ensure long-term financial stability.
We approach fundraising and capital campaigns with the goal of setting and achieving fact-based financial targets. Beginning with data analysis and market research, we consider broader economic trends and develop a comprehensive strategy and detailed roadmap on which your team can execute. Our collaborative, data-driven, hands-on project management approach results in internal alignment, arms your team with a deeper understanding of best practices, and drives accountability.

Corbin has been instrumental to our success in several important ways.

The breadth of these services brought immediate value to our planning work and went beyond the technical by adding layers of understanding.

Steve Collins, Executive Director | Hartford Symphony Orchestra

Featured case studies

We have a strong track record as strategic advisors and catalysts for positive change.

A leading regional arts organization with an annual budget of ~$5 million, executing over 200 unique annual events for a geographic region of nearly 3 million people, had recently emerged from a period of deep financial strain.

A leading arts organization experiencing declining patron retention rates and subscription revenues engaged Corbin to help architect and activate a strategy to drive engagement and fundraising.

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